Acidification Stop

St Salvator’s Quad

Conch shell
Played by Bede Williams (recorded in the McPherson Recital Room, Laidlaw Music Centre)

Acidification is a threat our ocean faces. It happens due to the ocean absorbing more carbon dioxide (CO2) then it can take. This increases the acidity level. In the last 200 years, our ocean has become 30% more acidic due to increased CO2 levels. An increase in acidity effects marine life and has caused coral reefs and creatures with shells to starting dissolving.

Word Puzzle

To complete the trail and claim your free prize* at our final stop at the Wardlaw Museum, please take the fourth letter of acidification and add to your collection of letters.

Once you have all 10 letters, please rearrange them to spell an ocean-based word which will give you your prize.

*One prize per household

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