Sea Levels Rising

Sea Levels Rising

Spanish Gardens

Emily Doolittle (b 1972)
with Catherine Hooper, Soprano

St Andrews New Music Ensemble
Bede Williams (director)

Sea levels rising effects not only our ocean, but those on land as well. It is happening due to melting ice and heat expansion connected to global warming. As land-based ice melts due to increases in temperature (see temperature stop for more details), more water ends up in the ocean. The levels of water than rise, and this extra water floods onto the land around the coast. Flooding and damage to coastal areas then happen. It also damages coastal wildlife.

Word Puzzle

To complete the trail and claim your free prize* at our final stop at the Wardlaw Museum, please take the first letter of rising and add to your collection of letters.

Once you have all 10 letters, please rearrange them to spell an ocean-based word which will give you your prize.

*One prize per household

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