Currents (final stop)

Wardlaw Museum

Sir Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006)
From ‘Three Sea Shanties’
i) Allegro con Brio
Laidlaw Music Centre Scholarship Wind Quintet

Currents flow around the world in our ocean. They help regulate our temperatures and maintain the different climates on Earth. Changes in the weather due to global warming effect these currents. They can change path, not flow as fast or stop altogether. These then effect many aspects of life on Earth and how we live.

Word Puzzle

To complete the trail and claim your free prize* at this, our final stop at the Wardlaw Museum, please take the fifth letter of currents and which should be your final letter.

Please now rearrange the letters to spell an ocean-based word and let our staff know this word to claim your free prize.

*One prize per household

Congratulations on finishing the Ocean Odyssey music trail!!