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Lantern fish

I’m going to persuade my friends and family to get involved.

I want to reduce the impact of my waste electrical and electronic equipment.

“I’m going to try to make sure that the next electrical item our household buys is second hand.”

If you’re in Scotland, Tayside Resuers , StAndReUse and Castle Furniture all have a range of second-hand electrical goods you can buy.

I want to stand up for the ocean.

“I’m going to persuade one friend or family member to visit Dive In!”

Brilliant. You can find opening details on The Exhibition page.

Talking about climate change and the ocean is one of the most powerful actions that all of us can take. I want to use my voice to be a positive influence on other people.

“I’m going to start a conversation with my family about Dive In!, what I’ve learnt about climate change and the ocean and what we can do as a family to make a difference.”

Great idea, but talking about this can be hard. Climate Outreach have some top tips on how to have a climate conversation.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation also have a short guide on ‘How to Talk About the Ocean so that People will Listen’. You might find it helpful.

I want to consider the seafood choices that I make.

“I’m going to read this guide to seafood labelling to feel confident enough to ask about the products on the shelf in the shop or on the menu at the restaurant.”

Labelling is important, but you can also find out more about which species are sustainable from the Marine Conservation Society or from the Sustainable Food Trust.

I want to be more careful in the way I use energy.

“I’m going to do an audit of how much energy our household could be saving.”

This energy audit tool should help you to do that. It’s a great way to begin helping the planet while saving money.

I want to travel in a way that contributes less to climate change.

“I’m going to find out if my school or college has a sustainable travel policy.”

Sustrans Scotland has advice on making everyday journeys, including to and from school, on foot or by bike.

I want to eat more sustainably.

“I’m going to reduce the amount of food waste from our family each month.”

Wrap can help you find out more about reducing food waste. The BBC also has a Reduce Food Waste Guide that might be helpful.

What will you do to help protect our oceans?

Share your pledge online with the hashtag #DiveInPledge. We’ll share some of them anonymously on this page.