Marine Noise

Marine Noise Stop

SOI (Scottish Oceans Institute)

Emily Doolittle (b 1972)
Social Sounds of Whales at Night for clarinet and electronics
Alex South (clarinet)

Marine noise, or marine noise pollution, is made by humans and activities we do in the ocean. It is when loud noise are made from ships, seismic surveys, oil exploration, and sonar. All of these have a serious effect on marine life. The noises effect all creatures, causing them not to be able to find food, or become lost and not find their way home. It also makes them harder to sense danger and harm.

Word Puzzle

To complete the trail and claim your free prize* at our final stop at the Wardlaw Museum, please take the sixth and last letter of marine and add to your collection of letters.

Once you have all 10 letters, please rearrange them to spell an ocean-based word which will give you your prize.

*One prize per household

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