Ocean Odyssey

Saturday 12th June 2021 , 1pm – 5pm, free

Thank you everyone who took part in Ocean Odyssey!

You can access the stops and listen to the music by following the links below:




Deep Seabed Mining


Marine Noise



Sea Levels Rising

Temperature Levels

Our ocean is awe-inspiringly complex, but it needs you.

Come on a journey with us and take part in Ocean Odyssey.

Take part in our trail, listen to ocean-based pieces and enjoy live music at sites around St Andrews, each one a gateway to a threat posed to our ocean and an insight into what we can do to save it.

View the trail map below to start your journey.

All you need is a device to scan the QR codes to listen to the music, your ears, and suitable clothing as you make your journey around St Andrews.

You can visit stops 1-9 in any order, with 10 the Wardlaw Museum the final stop where you can collect your prize. Scan the QR code at each stop, learn about an ocean threat and solve the puzzle. Once you know the mystery word, let us know at the Wardlaw Museum to claim your prize.*

All live performances will be socially distanced and will take place as follows:

1300, 1400, 1500

Outside the Library

Scott Gardiner (former Bothy Ballad World Champion)

Jonathan Kemp (guitar)

Songs of the Sea from Scotland and beyond

Spanish Gardens (The Scores)

Brass Quartet Music includes Handel’s Water Music, traditional sea shanties and the theme from ‘Titan’ 

St Mary’s Quad

Richard Ingham (saxophone)

Robin Mason (cello)

Improvisations on Whale Song with a hint of sea shanties

1400, 1500, 1600

Outside the Wardlaw Museum

Feargus Hetherington and Chris Stout (violins)

Music of the Northern Isles

The full location details are as follows:

1 – University Shop, Students’ Association, St Mary’s Place, St Andrews, KY16 9UZ

2 – St Mary’s Quad, South Street, St Andrews, KY16 9JU

3 – Laidlaw Music Centre, Queen’s Terrace, St Andrews, KY16 9QF

4 – SOI – Scottish Oceans Institute, Gatty Marine Laboratory, East Sands, St Andrews, KY16 8LB

5 – St Andrews Cathedral, The Pends, St Andrews, KY16 9QL

6 – St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum, 12 North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9PW

7 – Spanish Gardens, (by Castlecliff, School of Economics), The Scores, St Andrews, KY16 9AZ

8 – St Salvator’s Quad, North Street, St Andrews,  KY16 9AJ

9 – University of St Andrews Library (behind building), North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9TR (access via the Scores)

10 – Wardlaw Museum, 7a The Scores, St Andrews, KY16 9AR

*one prize per household